Alan Flusser Custom Shop

Website Design & Development, Responsive

Awarded Silver ADDY® (2013),
Special Judges for Excellence in Interactive ADDY® (2013)

Launch Project

Alan Flusser is, in brief, a star in the world of men’s fashion. Having worked in the industry for decades, he knows pretty much everything there is to know about his field. For his custom shop located in Manhattan, Alan wanted to not only give potential clients the opportunity to make an appointment, but also to share his wealth of knowledge with a wider audience.

By utilizing a clean, classic style, we worked in conjunction with Wier / Stewart’s branding to create a complete repository for all things Flusser. The site includes his advice on every aspect of a gentleman’s wardrobe and his musings on a wide variety of subjects. Once a man is ready to take the next step into custom clothing, and we hear there is no turning back, there’s a link in the upper right-hand corner to make an appointment with Alan himself.