Columbia SC 63

Website Design & Development, Responsive

Launch Project

In January 2012, the mayors of seven southern cities integral during the Civil Rights movement began a collaborative effort to mark the 50th anniversary of 1963, the defining year of the movement.

Throughout 2013, these cities recognized and commemorated the courage of countless ordinary citizens who risked everything to drive the march toward freedom and force the nation to uphold its democratic ideals.

It was a distinct honor to be selected by Columbia’s committee to refurbish their website. Our goal was to transform their existing site into a fresh, more accessible platform. Utilizing their extensive collection of text, photos, and video collateral, we were able to create a site featuring a timeline meant to engross the viewer, encouraging investigation into the details of these historic events within the city. Through the addition of various interactive aspects including a tour map, photo identification, and story submission, the site’s visitors are able to become a part of the story themselves.

Mobile and tablet responsive, this website is a perfect interactive supplement for the walking tour one can take along Columbia’s Main Street.